Character: Abigail Marston née Roberts
Abigail Marston née Roberts
Character: Abraham Reyes
Abraham Reyes
Character: Amos
Character: Andrew Milton
Andrew Milton
Character: Archer Fordham
Archer Fordham
Character: Bonnie MacFarlane
Bonnie MacFarlane
Character: Captain Vincente de Santa
Captain Vincente de Santa
Character: Colonel Agustin Allende
Colonel Agustin Allende
Character: Deputy Eli
Deputy Eli
Character: Drew MacFarlane
Drew MacFarlane
Character: Dutch van der Linde
Dutch van der Linde
Character: Edgar Ross
Edgar Ross
Character: Herbert Moon
Herbert Moon
Character: Horse (Generic)
Horse (Generic)
Character: Irish
Character: Javier Escuella
Javier Escuella
Character: John "Jack" Marston, Jr.
John "Jack" Marston, Jr.
Character: John Marston
John Marston
Character: Landon Ricketts
Landon Ricketts
Character: Luisa Fortuna
Luisa Fortuna
Character: Marshal Leigh Johnson
Marshal Leigh Johnson
Character: Nastas
Character: Nigel West Dickens
Nigel West Dickens
Character: Norman Deek
Norman Deek
Character: Professor Harold MacDougal
Professor Harold MacDougal
Character: Seth Briars
Seth Briars
Character: The Strange Man
The Strange Man
Character: Uncle
Character: William "Bill" Williamson
William "Bill" Williamson