Show off your halloween costume (and win Geekgold!!) - CLOSED
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Hanlon's razor: Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity
Hanlon's razor: Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity
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The scariest night of the year is drawing nigh, and a bunch of us will spend the night trick or treating or feasting it up at costumed parties. Don't let all that costuming work go to waste, we really want to see your Halloween costumes!

Post a picture of your or your kids' kick-ass or adorably amateurish Halloween outfit here, get thumbed like the mad thumbmagnet you are, and rake in the prizes!

Other than the respect of your peers, there might be special prizes for boardgame, roleplay game and videogame inspired costumes, you'll have to wait and see

First prize: 75
Second prize: 50
Third prize: 25

If you have a picture from last year or from a friend that you are dying to show, add it in the comments!

Don't know what you're doing for Halloween yet? Here's some Geeky inspriationals

- Moved the latest pictures up a bit so they too can get some time in the spotlight!
- It's time to find a cut-off date for this contest: Can everyone have their pictures up before Monday the 5th of November? That should allow for plenty of time to get the last weekend party pictures up!

The Winners!

Wow, what a crazy amount of costumes, toddlers and props you guys came up with just for the occasion! I hope everyone had fun watching the amazing costume parade, but now it's time to announce the winners!

External image

d10-1st place goes to Josh Jennings' creepy Zipperhead!
d10-2st place goes to Daniel B's supercute Incredibles family!
d10-3 rd place goes to I am happy's adorable crime fighting duo!

Well deserved, I say! I'll take all these crimefighters to take on the big bad Zipperhead

VGG/BGG Winners

We were hoping to see some 'Geek related costumes here and you did not dissappoint! Which means I also get to hand out some prizes for the best videogame-related and boardgame-related costume!

External image

Kudos and 25 bag to Renae Radford's Ezio Auditore and Brian Clymer's Candyland Couple!

You guys!

Thanks for submitting your costume, we hope you all had fun! I've heard some ghostly rumors that you too might get something to commemorate your dressing up and looking silly. whistle

Oh, and by the way... If you were hoping for some bag to sweeten your BGG bankaccount, may I remind you there's still plenty of it to earn on Videogamegeek? Come check us out! laugh
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