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Created On: 2011-07-14 03:17:33
Members: 81
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Welcome my fellow Czars to our R.E.S.P.E.C.T. Czar guild. In this we will give you tasks that benefit the Videogamegeek. Soon all members will get a new shiny microbadge (Microbadge: I joined Project R.E.S.P.E.C.T. to do my part for Video Game Geek!) but be aware there is work to be done here. This badge will give you great responsibility and will ask some work from your behalf.

More Information Edit | History

2012 Goals and Czars:

5,000 Ranked Video Games in the database
2,500 Series in the database
1,000 Reviews in the database: spacewolf009 / DanielCG
400 Copper VGG Uploader microbadge owners
100 Ranked pieces of Hardware in the database: Barad_the_dwarf
100 Silver VGG Uploader microbadge owners:
50 Gold VGG Uploader microbadge owners
40 Participants in the 2012 VGG Christmas Card Exchange
30 Participants in the 2012 VGG Secret Santa
25 Platinum VGG Uploader microbadge owners
1 VGG cosplay event held during the year: Juleske
1 Video Game with at least 900 ratings: 1nf1n1ty
Microbadges added for the top 200 ranked games: Andrew Hodkinson
Establish VGG podcast
VGG Buyers Guide and/or Holiday Gift Guide

2011 Goals and Czars:

1,500 Series Czar: 38thDoE
1 Representative Image for Every Video Game Platform Czar: Barad_the_Dwarf
1,000 Reviews Czars: Mymil and Mastergeek
4,000 Ranked Video Games Czar: SuperChutney
75 Silver Video Game Uploader Microbadge Owners Czar: 1nf1n1ty
300 Copper VGG Uploader Microbadge Owners Czar: frumpish
1 Representative Image for Every Ranked Video Game: Kael

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