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Created On: 2016-11-23 15:34:41
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About this guild

The German Math Trades are being run without a fixed schedule, but around bi-monthly.

If you have no idea what a Math trade is, then have a brief look at the BGG Wiki page about them.

Instead of having everything related to the German Math Trades scattered around the Trades forum of BGG, like discussion threads and announcements, this guild is now the central hub for this.

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German Math Trade / Deutscher Spieletausch

Info in English

The German Math Trade are being run here on BGG several times a year. If you are interested in participating, just drop a GeekMail to German Math Trade and you will get notified when the next trade starts.

Although no one is excluded from this trade, there are two very important things to consider before you enter:

  1. The trade is done in German to provide a math trade without additional language barriers especially for German users new to math trading. Therefore, every participant should be able to understand German.
  2. The trade requires free shipping to locations within Germany. If you do not have a shipping address in Germany, you must be prepared to pay shipping costs to Germany for your own items and contribute to the shipping costs for the items you will receive.

Info auf Deutsch

Mehrmals im Jahr wird ein Spieletausch in Form eines "Maths Trades" hier auf BGG organisiert. Dieser Spieletausch wird in deutscher Sprache durchgeführt um neuen Teilnehmern einen möglichst einfachen Einstieg zu bieten und die entstehenden Versandkosten zu begrenzen.

Bei Interesse schicke einfach eine kurze Nachricht an German Math Trade und du wirst informiert wenn es wieder soweit ist.

Allgemeine Informationen zum Thema "Maths Trades" auf Deutsch sind hier zusammengetragen: An introduction to Math Trades in German

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