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Created On: 2007-07-11 12:05:00
Members: 195
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A guild for all users who enjoy customizing their games. Share your secrets or show your current projects, post or ask for sources of special material, create teams to work on game add-ons etc...

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Monthly Pimp my Boardgame Contest
Subscription Thread
Discussion Thread


Microbadge: I'm crafty -I'm crafty
Microbadge: I mod/pimp otherwise crappy games -I mod/pimp otherwise crappy games
Microbadge: Pimple - A Pimpin' Purple Meeple -Pimple
Microbadge: I love to pimp my own games! -I love to pimp my own games!
Microbadge: I pimp my games -I pimp my games
Microbadge: I make my own boardgames -I make my own boardgames
Microbadge: I re-theme games -I re-theme games
Microbadge: I make wooden games -I make wooden games

Microbadge: Custom Components Designer -Custom components designer
Microbadge: FIMO custom components creator -FIMO custom components creator
Microbadge: I print my own components. -I print my own components
Microbadge: I make my own terrain -I make my own terrain

Microbadge: I make my own inserts -I make my own inserts
Microbadge: I throw out useless box inserts -I throw out useless box inserts
Microbadge: I love making tuckboxes! -I love making tuckboxes!

Game Specific
Microbadge: I pimped my Agricola -I pimped my Agricola
Microbadge: Memoir '44 fan - I pimped my M44 Copy -I pimped my M44 Copy
Microbadge: I pimped my Pillars of the Earth cathedral -I pimped my Pillars of the Earth cathedral

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Miniature Painters Guild -Looking to throw some paint on those minis? Got you, and soon your mini, covered
Crokinole Board Artisans Workshop -Insanely fun game and mind blowingly beautiful woodwork and paint in action.
3D Print Guild -Bubbling over with 3d printer joy?. Go bubble!
DIY -The catch-all DIY forum on the 'geek. If you have a question, this is a good place to start the search.

Note: This More Info field is a wiki. Please feel free to add anything that you think might be of good use to the guild.

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