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Created On: 2018-10-21 16:46:38
Members: 56
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This guild is for those following the use and development of the play logging utility SPLU.

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SPLU is a play logging utility for BGG. It runs on top of the BGG website and allows for logging different games without having to navigate to individual game pages along other features.

Here is an example of logging a play using SPLU:

Tutorial: Log Plays Faster with SPLU

On 2019-09-19 BGG restricted the ability to run Javascript via the Quickbar on all pages, not just the games pages. To run SPLU you must run it via a browser bookmark.


In most browsers the easiest way to create a "bookmarklet" for SPLU is to do the following:
- Create a regular bookmark for this page in the browser.
- Click the link above for the version of SPLU you want to use.
- Copy the text that shows up.
- Edit the bookmark you created earlier and replace the URL with the text you just copied.
- Rename the bookmark and save it.

Then go to one of the older BGG pages such as the subscriptions and click your bookmarklet.

For the most part you should only run the [b]Current[/b] and sometimes [b]Beta[/b] versions. The Alpha version has more bugs and could stop working suddenly.

Technically the bookmarklet versions can launch SPLU on what I used to call the "games/beta" pages. Not sure what to refer to them as now other than just the "games pages". The reason this works and the quickbar doesn't is that the underlying code of the games page prefixes "javascript:" links with "unsafe:" which the browser doesn't execute. If you mouse-over your SPLU quickbar links on a games page you can see that in the status bar of the browser.

There is at least 1 major bug when running SPLU on the games pages which prevents loading a play from your history, likely others as I haven't tested on the games pages much at all.

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