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Created On: 2008-12-06 03:32:07
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This guild is to provide a group for avid gamers in the BGG community who are dealing with or supporting those with health difficulties.

I want people to post that are dealing with physical ailments such as Cancer, Lupus, Crohn's, diabetes, etc, but also aspects of Mental Health. (I personally, along with the health issues listed below, have been diagnosed with Severe Manic Depression and have attempted suicide twice). I have no shame among friends.

I also want to see the people who are the support network posting.

This is an area of sharing feelings, advice, suggestions, recommendations and words of wisdom.

I hope this guild can bring us together in an even more supportive manner, so that we send positive energy, pray and provide information on resources to each other. There is NO judgment of race, religion, spiritual outlook or health difficulties.

I realize that there are many specific support groups for specific types of illness, but what bonds us all together is our love of gaming.

This guild is dedicated to Redneon, who recently posted that his cancer has come back.

This guild is for all of those members that come to BGG for friendship, love, fun, support and distraction from the pain of everyday living. Not only are there people who are dealing with sicknesses such as Cancer, Lupus, Crohn's, diabetes, etc..but there are the people who support them.

I have answered many questions (since I've been very forward in posting about my illness) for others who are sometimes not sure which direction to turn in when dealing with a loved ones sickness.

I was the 8th person to thumb Redneon's post, but I did not post myself, as reading his writing led me to a period of introspection, so I would like to honor him with this guild.

      • I know that I personally have slept for 23 hours, only to have the strength to log in to BGG to interact with my friends that have been with me for years (mainly in Chit Chat), but not the energy to go to a myriad of other sites for interaction.

I personally have recovered from 2 hernia surgeries, 7 knee sugeries and have two more lined up for 2009. I have also rebuilt myself from a stroke in 1999 that affected my ability to speak, walk and discarded quite a bit of memory.

I am currently dealing with a bone tumor that takes up over 80% of my right femur (thigh bone) which has my knee surgeries on hold.

My world in pain and distraction and I can state it is the support that BGG has given me that has kept me from giving up through all of this and I wouldn't trade any of them for anything.

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