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Microbadges are another way (in addition to avatars and GeekBadges) that users can customize their Graphical User Representation on BoardGameGeek.

Microbadges are displayed in each user's profile. Also, a user may have up to five of that user's microbadges displayed under the user's avatar in Forums and GeekLists. In most cases, clicking a microbadge will display a list of users who have that badge.

For a visual list of all microbadges in the system, see Microbadges - all (this includes those that are still pending moderation or have been rejected but not deleted).

Microbadge ownership

Microbadges can be acquired in several ways. The most straightforward way to acquire a microbadge is to purchase one at a cost of 8 GeekGold.

Not all microbadges are available for purchase, however. Some are awarded free to those who participate in certain contests or surveys. Others are awarded by the system to users who contribute content to BoardGameGeek (for example, a user who writes 5 session reports gets a Copper Session Reporter microbadge). There are some special microbadges, such as those used to identify Admins and Geeks of the Week.

Occasionally, Microbadge Coupon Codes are distributed. A user who has been given a coupon code can redeem it for the microbadge of the user's choice, instead of paying GeekGold for it (a user may only redeem a coupon code for a microbadge which can be purchased).

System awarded badges are awarded once a day, by a script which runs at 9:00 CST, according to this forum post: Re: System Awarded Microbadges

Unlike an avatar, a microbadge cannot be changed after purchase. It can be deleted, but the GeekGold used to purchase it is not refunded.

Purchasing microbadges

There are several thousand microbadges available for purchase. They are listed primarily in two different places, with each listing serving a different purpose.

  • Complete Listing - Shows a detailed listing, in paged format. For each microbadge, it shows the number of owners and the person who created it. This listing can be filtered by microbadge creator.
  • Purchase Microbadges Form - Displays microbadges in an expandable listing by group and subgroup. The microbadges in this listing are grouped by subject matter. For each microbadge that the user does not own, a Buy button is displayed. The user can enter a search term to locate a microbadge by name.

Changing the display of microbadges under your avatar

You can edit your microbadges to arrange which of the 5 slots will display which of your microbadges. It is possible to own more than 5, but at most 5 can be displayed.

Use the Edit Microbadges link on your profile page to assign your microbadges to the 5 display slots.

Requesting microbadges

If you want a microbadge for a certain subject, but it isn't available yet, you can post a request in one these two spots...
For more directed discussions concerning RPG and Video Game microbadges there are two other threads you could also post a request...

Microbadges are designed by BoardGameGeek users and are posted on that thread for peer review before they are submitted for approval.

Reporting microbadge mistakes

If you find any of mistakes (categorization, spelling, grouping or any other type) in any microbadges, please report them at the Fixes and Clean-up for Existing Microbadges thread, so that the necessary corrections can be made.

Designing and submitting microbadges

Please note: this is a simple overview of the submission and design process; you should not submit microbadges without at least skimming the complete microbadge submission information available at the Microbadge Design and Submission wiki page.

You can design microbadges yourself, by following these steps:
User: Bail Organa

1. Look at the thousands of existing microbadges to see if what you have in mind already has something very similar already available.

2. Use your favorite imaging software to create a 16 by 16 pixel image, preferably in PNG format and in most cases with a transparent background.

3. Upload the image to your personal gallery here on BGG/RPGG/VGG.

4. Submit your microbadge proposal for peer-review, by adding a new post to the Microbadge Submissions, Design, and Feedback thread (if the badge is RPG related use this thread instead, if the badge is video game related use this thread). When posting your badge proposal, include full badge info (mouseover, etc).

5. Wait for feedback from other microbadge designers. If the badge is deemed appropriate but needs improvements, go back to the 2nd step.

6. If feedback was positive, post your microbadge submission using the Create Microbadge form.

7. Wait for a geekmail specifying if the badge was approved or rejected. This geekmail is sent when the microbadge administrator approves/rejects the badge. In the meantime, to check the pending queue for microbadge submissions see Pending Microbadges.

See Microbadge Design and Submission for further information.

Note: Party-political and partisan microbadges are not permitted.

Microbadge designer rewards

Microbadge designers are rewarded with 0.25 GeekGold for each sale of their microbadges.

Microbadge Design Award

The Microbadge Design Award is a microbadge that is - as the name of the award suggests - awarded for excellent microbadge design: Microbadge: Microbadge Design Award
Unlike the system awarded badges (see below), this award is for excellent graphic design within the 16x16 pixel limit. To qualify, a designer must consistently create high quality microbadges and have at least five that are exceptionally good. 'Exceptionally good' microbadges are sharp and recognizable, but also have to be the result of a bit of a design challenge. A microbadge of a wooden cube is no big effort. Fitting a complex image in 16x16 pixels while keeping it perfectly recognizable is.

Past winners of the award are:

Round 1
mrbeankc, Munin, simonh
August, 2007
Round 2
Debate, TabbySunLion
March, 2008
Round 3
May, 2008
Round 4
November, 2008
Round 5
August, 2010
Round 6
March, 2011
Round 7
August, 2011
Round 8
indigopotter, spearjr, wildthayne
February, 2012
Round 9
drewdane, Bail Organa
September, 2012
Round 10
March, 2013
Round 11
No award was given out
September, 2013
Round 12
Schwartzkopf, anomander64, crazylegs
March, 2014
Round 13
Kattvippa, Delinear
September, 2014
Round 14
Kaffedrake, entwife, Thorin2001
March, 2015
Round 15
Dunyc, cinderbike
September, 2015
Round 16
edbolme, nunovix
April, 2016
Round 17
Billythehut, wizcreations
January, 2017
Round 18
3wgames, psymann
January, 2018
Round 19
Happyshopper, Sjeng
February, 2019

More information on the award can be found here.

Microbadgus Designum Ex Professo

Similar to the Microbadge Design Award, it is awarded for excellent microbadge design. This one is awarded specifically for microbadges in the RPGG realm and is awarded by an admin rather than a committee: Microbadge: Microbadgus Designum Ex Professo

Finding out how many Microbadges you've designed and sold

  • In the Menu Bar, choose Community -> Find Users
  • Click on 'Microbadge User Search'
  • Enter your UserID in the 'Filter By Creator' box and click 'Go'

Microbadge classification

Last updated: 2016/01/04

Because there are several thousand microbadges, they are classified in 'groups' and 'subgroups' on the 'buy microbadges' page. This is the current group-subgroup tree, with short descriptions of content where necessary:

  • Award (System awarded badges for contributions to BGG.)
  • BGG (Boardgamegeek-related badges such as File Uploader, Geeklister, and Reviewer.)
    • Avatars and Overtext
    • Bazaar and Lotteries
    • BGG Fandom, Membership and Support
    • Chit Chat and Inside Jokes
    • Content Submission
    • Events
    • Forum Posting
    • GeekChat
    • GeekGold
    • Images
    • Lurking and Sock Puppets
    • Microbadge References
    • Online Status
    • Play By Forum and Forum Games
    • Ratings and Play Recordings
    • Special
    • Subcommunities, Leagues and Guilds
    • Thumbs
    • User and User Content Fandom
  • Board Game Related (All kinds of things that are related to board games and boardgaming.)
    • Artist
    • Awards
    • Cafes (For fans and regulars at board game cafes, which offer a selection of games for patrons to play)
    • Colors (Player piece color preferences.)
    • Components (Dice, dice towers, paper money, wooden cubes, etc.)
    • Conventions
    • Designers
    • Eurogamer ('Eurogamer' microbadges: meeples and houses.)
    • Game Categories (Board game genres, such as Eurogames, Ameritrash, Civilization games, Heavy games, Party games, etc.)
    • Game Design
    • Gamer Types (Collector, AP Prone, Obsessive Component Organizer, etc.)
    • Longevity
    • Magazines and Books
    • Misc (Awards, PnP fan, weird stuff, etc.)
    • Publishers
    • Regional Regular Meetups
    • Retailers
    • Reviewers
    • Thrifters
    • Wargamer
    • Weird
  • Board Games (All board and card games. Sorted alphabetically in subgroups.)
    • Board Game Series
    • 0 - 9
    • A
    • to
    • Z
  • Comics
    • Authors and Artists
    • Comics
    • Publishers
    • Webcomics
  • Computers And Technology
    • Computers
    • Gadgets
    • Image Software
    • Languages and Tools
    • Misc Software
    • Operating Systems
    • Web Browsers
  • Contest (Official)
  • Food and Related
    • Alcoholic beverages (except Beer)
    • Beer
    • Bread and Dough/Baked Goods
    • Breakfast Cereals
    • Coffee and Tea
    • Confectionery
    • Cooking
    • Dairy
    • Diets and Ideas
    • Flavors, Herbs, Spices and Sauces
    • Fruit and Vegetables
    • Juices, Soft, Energy and other Cold Drinks
    • Restaurants and Restaurant Chains
    • Smoking
  • Ideas
    • Environmentalism
    • Philosophers
    • Religion
  • Interests (All kinds of interests and hobbies not covered by another group of microbadges.)
    • Adventure Travel (Camping, Geocaching, etc)
    • Animals
    • Cars etc. (Including other motor vehicles.)
    • Clothing, Foot Wear and Accessories
    • Collector
    • History
    • Hobbies
    • Misc (All kinds of interests that are not generally understood as 'hobbies'.)
    • Newspapers and Magazines
    • Photography, Film and Radio
    • Plants, Gardening and Farming
    • Scouting and Guiding
    • Shopping
    • Trains
  • Internet
    • Blogs
    • Instant Messaging
    • Memes and Viral Videos
    • Misc (Non-gaming-related websites.)
    • Podcasts
  • Language
    • Languages and Dialects
    • Reading and Writing
    • Weird Speech (For vernacular, jargon, slang etc)
  • Literature and Arts (Literature, arts, pulp fiction novels, etc.)
    • Artists
    • Audio Drama and Books
    • Authors
    • Comedians
    • Creations
    • Genres (Genres of literature, art, movies, etc.)
    • Photographers
    • Theatre and similar (Includes musicals, improvisation, styles etc.)
  • Misc (Everything that doesn't fit into another (sub-) group.)
    • Appearance
    • Awareness (Ribbons etc.)
    • Charities and Support
    • Colleges (University (and other school) logos.)
    • Dates
    • Family (Children, etc.)
    • Festive Days
    • Health
    • Moods
    • Personality
    • Sleep
    • Weather, Seasons and Elements
    • Zodiac
  • Music
    • Artists (Bands and solo artists.)
    • Classical Composers
    • Drum Corps
    • Festivals
    • Genres
    • Instruments
    • Record Labels
    • Reproduction
    • Singing and Dancing
  • Places
    • Canadian Provinces and Territories
    • Cities
    • Countries
    • Landmarks and Parks
    • Regions
    • Travel
    • US States
  • Pop Culture
    • Actors and Actresses
    • Cartoons
    • Film Companies
    • Film Genres
    • Film Makers
    • Monty Python
    • Movies
    • Radio
    • Star Trek
    • Star Wars
    • Toys
    • TV
    • Wrestling
  • Profession
    • Computing
    • Education
    • Health Care
    • Law and Related
    • Military
  • Role-Playing Games, Settings, Series etc
    • Series
    • 0 - 9
    • A
    • to
    • Z
  • Role-Playing Related
    • Accessories
    • Artists and Designers
    • Character Races
    • Character Types
    • Conventions
    • Equipment
    • Equipment - Modern
    • Gamer Types
    • Gaming
    • Genres
    • Homebrew
    • Live Action Role-Playing
    • Longevity
    • Magazines
    • Mechanics
    • Monsters
    • Other Sites
    • Podcasts
    • Publishers
    • Stances
    • Systems
    • Weird
  • RPGG
    • Adventures and Events
    • Community
    • Contests
    • Exchanges
    • Fandom
    • Poster Levels
    • Special
    • Tavern
    • Virtuacon
  • Science (In the broadest possible sense of the word, including history, philosophy, mathematics, politics, etc. Basically all kinds of purely intellectual / (semi-) scientific interests.)
    • Astronomy
    • Biology
    • Chemistry
    • Earth Sciences
    • Math
    • People of Science
    • Physics
    • Space Exploration
  • Site Related
  • Special
    • Tournament
  • Sports
    • Air Sports
    • Athletics, Running and Gymnastics
    • Baseball
    • Basketball
    • Billiard Sports
    • Bowling
    • Climbing
    • College
    • Combat and Weight Sports
    • Cricket
    • Cycling
    • Equestrianism
    • Flying Disc and Throwing
    • Football (American and Canadian)
    • Football (Australian)
    • Football (Soccer)
    • Golf and Croquet
    • Handball
    • Hockey
    • Motorsports
    • Multi-sports (*thlon)
    • Netball
    • Olympic Games
    • Physical Fitness and Walking
    • Racquet Sports
    • Rugby (Union and League)
    • Skating
    • Target Sports (Archery, Shooting, Darts)
    • Volleyball
    • Water Sports
    • Winter Sports
  • Support
  • Test (for testing purposes)
  • VGG
    • Arcade
    • Beaten and Abandoned Video Games Geeklists
    • Community
    • Contests
    • Events
    • Exchanges
    • Fandom
    • Poster Levels
    • Special
  • Video Game Related
    • Content Ratings
    • Conventions
    • Designers and Publishers
    • Gamer Types
    • Gaming
    • Genres
    • Hardware
    • Longevity
    • Platforms, Interfaces and Websites
  • Video Games (All computer and video games. Sorted alphabetically in subgroups.)
  • Weird (Find out for yourself.)
    • Equations and Numbers
    • Misc
    • Punctuation
    • Signs
  • Zzz (Archive)

System awarded microbadges

Some microbadges are auto-awarded for a certain number of contributions to the site. Note that the badge probably won't show up immediately; don't panic, it will within a day. Here's a summary of those microbadges and their requirements:

  • Game Reviews
    • Microbadge: Copper Reviewer Copper - 5 Reviews
    • Microbadge: Silver Reviewer Silver - 50 Reviews
    • Microbadge: Golden Reviewer Gold - 100 Reviews
    • Microbadge: Platinum Reviewer Platinum - 250 Reviews
    • Microbadge: Herculean Reviewer Herculean - 500 Reviews
    • Microbadge: Ultimate Reviewer Ultimate - 1000 Reviews
  • Session Reports
    • Microbadge: Copper Session Reporter Copper - 5 Sessions
    • Microbadge: Silver Session Reporter Silver - 50 Sessions
    • Microbadge: Golden Session Reporter Gold - 100 Sessions
    • Microbadge: Platinum Session Reporter Platinum - 250 Sessions
    • Microbadge: Herculean Session Reporter Herculean - 500 Sessions
    • Microbadge: Ultimate Session Reporter Ultimate - 1000 Sessions
  • GeekLists (with at least 5 thumbs up per list)
    • Microbadge: Copper Geeklister Copper - 5 GeekLists
    • Microbadge: Silver Geeklister Silver - 25 GeekLists
    • Microbadge: Golden Geeklister Gold - 50 GeekLists
  • Images (with at least 3 thumbs up per image)
    • Microbadge: Copper Image Uploader Copper - 10 Images
    • Microbadge: Silver Image Uploader Silver - 30 Images
    • Microbadge: Golden Image Uploader Gold - 100 Images
    • Microbadge: Platinum Image Uploader Platinum - 250 Images
    • Microbadge: Herculean Image Uploader Herculean - 500 Images
    • Microbadge: Ultimate Image Uploader Ultimate - 1000 Images
  • File Uploader (with at least 2 thumbs up per file)
    • Microbadge: Copper File Uploader Copper - 5 files
    • Microbadge: Silver File Uploader Silver - 25 files
    • Microbadge: Golden File Uploader Gold - 50 files
    • Microbadge: Platinum File Uploader Platinum - 100 files
    • Microbadge: Herculean File Uploader Herculean - 250 files
    • Microbadge: Ultimate File Uploader Ultimate - 500 files
  • Microbadge Designer (with at least 4 sales per badge)
    • Microbadge: Copper Microbadge Designer Copper - 5 microbadges
    • Microbadge: Silver Microbadge Designer Silver - 10 microbadges
    • Microbadge: Golden Microbadge Designer Gold - 50 microbadges
    • Microbadge: Platinum Microbadge Designer Platinum - 100 microbadges
    • Microbadge: Herculean Microbadge Designer Herculean - 200 microbadges
    • Microbadge: Ultimate Microbadge Designer Ultimate - 400 microbadges
  • Boardgame Uploader (combined Boardgame, Boardgameexpansion, Boardgamefamily, plus 0.25 * Versions)
    • Microbadge: Copper Boardgame Uploader - Copper - 25 Entries
    • Microbadge: Silver Boardgame Uploader - Silver - 75 Entries
    • Microbadge: Golden Boardgame Uploader - Gold - 150 Entries
  • RPG Uploader (combined RPGs, RPG Items, Periodicals, Issues, Series, Settings
  • plus fractional Versions of RPG Items/Issues (x 0.25) and Issue Articles (x 0.1)
    • Microbadge: Copper RPG Uploader Copper - 10 Entries
    • Microbadge: Silver RPG Uploader Silver - 25 Entries
    • Microbadge: Golden RPG Uploader Gold - 50 Entries
    • Microbadge: Platinum RPG Uploader Platinum - 100 Entries
    • Microbadge: Herculean RPG Uploader Herculean - 200 Entries
    • Microbadge: Ultimate RPG Uploader - This user has 500+ entries and is in the RPG Geek Hall of Fame! Ultimate - 500 Entries (and an entry into the RPG Geek Hall of Fame)
    • Microbadge: Unobtanium RPG Uploader - This user has 10,000+ entries and is in the RPG Geek Hall of Fame! Unobtanium - 10,000 Entries
  • Videogame Uploader (combined Franchises, Series, Videogames plus 0.25 * Versions)
    • Microbadge: Copper VGG Uploader Copper - 10 Entries
    • Microbadge: Silver VGG Uploader Silver - 100 Entries
    • Microbadge: Golden VGG Uploader Gold - 250 Entries
    • Microbadge: Platinum VGG Uploader Platinum - 500 Entries
    • Microbadge: Herculean VGG Uploader Herculean - 750 Entries
    • Microbadge: Ultimate VGG Uploader - This user has 1000+ entries and is in the VGG Hall of Fame! Ultimate - 1000 Entries
  • Article Uploader (All articles, currently only)
    • Microbadge: Hear Ye, Hear Ye: Copper Article Uploader Copper - 100 Entries
    • Microbadge: Hear Ye, Hear Ye: Silver Article Uploader Silver - 250 Entries
    • Microbadge: Hear Ye, Hear Ye: Golden Article Uploader Gold - 500 Entries
    • Microbadge: Hear Ye, Hear Ye: Platinum Article Uploader Platinum - 1000 Entries
    • Microbadge: Hear Ye, Hear Ye: Herculean Article Uploader Herculean - 2000 Entries
    • Microbadge: Hear Ye, Hear Ye: Ultimate Article Uploader Ultimate - 3000 Entries
  • BGG Regular/Veteran
    • Microbadge: Geek Regular - Geek Regular - 1000 posts (Note: spamming is a violation of the Terms of Service)
    • Microbadge: 5 Year Geek Veteran - 5 Year Geek Veteran - 5 years membership and login
    • Microbadge: 10 Year Geek Veteran - 10 Year Geek Veteran - 10 years membership (non-automated, must be purchased)
    • Microbadge: 15 Year Geek Veteran - 15 Year Geek Veteran - 15 years membership (non-automated, must be purchased)

These have been uploaded into the system, but are not yet being actively awarded:

  • GeekVideo uploader
    • Microbadge: Copper GeekVideo uploader - Copper
    • Microbadge: Silver GeekVideo uploader - Silver
    • Microbadge: Golden GeekVideo uploader - Gold

As of April 2014 the distribution of Collector Microbadges has been automated:

  • Boardgame Collector
    • Microbadge: Copper Board Game Collector - Copper - 100 boardgames + expansions in collection
    • Microbadge: Silver Board Game Collector - Silver - 250 boardgames + expansions in collection
    • Microbadge: Golden Board Game Collector - Golden - 500 boardgames + expansions in collection
    • Microbadge: Platinum Board Game Collector - Platinum - 1000 boardgames + expansions in collection
    • Microbadge: Herculean Board Game Collector - Herculean - 2500 boardgames + expansions in collection
    • Microbadge: Ultimate Board Game Collector - Ultimate - 5000 boardgames + expansions in collection
  • RPG Collector
    • Microbadge: Copper RPG Collector - Copper - 100 RPG items in collection
    • Microbadge: Silver RPG Collector - Silver - 250 RPG items in collection
    • Microbadge: Golden RPG Collector - Golden - 500 RPG items in collection
    • Microbadge: Platinum RPG Collector - Platinum - 1000 RPG items in collection
    • Microbadge: Herculean RPG Collector - Herculean - 2500 RPG items in collection
    • Microbadge: Ultimate RPG Collector - Ultimate - 5000 RPG items in collection
  • Videogame Collector
    • Microbadge: Copper Video Game Collector - Copper - 100 videogames in collection
    • Microbadge: Silver Video Game Collector - Silver - 250 videogames in collection
    • Microbadge: Golden Video Game Collector - Golden - 500 videogames in collection

There is a full selection of microbadges for posting in our site forums (note, these do not include Geeklist, Guild or Image comments):

  • Poster Level Badges (for each domain: BGG, RPGG, VGG)
    • Microbadge: Level 01 BGG posterMicrobadge: Level 01 RPGG posterMicrobadge: Level 01 VGG poster - Level 01 BGG/RPGG/VGG Poster (100-249 posts)
    • Microbadge: Level 02 BGG posterMicrobadge: Level 02 RPGG posterMicrobadge: Level 02 VGG poster - Level 02 BGG/RPGG/VGG Poster (250-499 posts)
    • Microbadge: Level 03 BGG posterMicrobadge: Level 03 RPGG posterMicrobadge: Level 03 VGG poster - Level 03 BGG/RPGG/VGG Poster (500-749 posts)
    • Microbadge: Level 04 BGG posterMicrobadge: Level 04 RPGG posterMicrobadge: Level 04 VGG poster - Level 04 BGG/RPGG/VGG Poster (750-999 posts)
    • Microbadge: Level 05 BGG posterMicrobadge: Level 05 RPGG posterMicrobadge: Level 05 VGG poster - Level 05 BGG/RPGG/VGG Poster (1000-1499 posts)
    • Microbadge: Level 06 BGG posterMicrobadge: Level 06 RPGG posterMicrobadge: Level 06 VGG poster - Level 06 BGG/RPGG/VGG Poster (1500-1999 posts)
    • Microbadge: Level 07 BGG posterMicrobadge: Level 07 RPGG posterMicrobadge: Level 07 VGG poster - Level 07 BGG/RPGG/VGG Poster (2000-2499 posts)
    • Microbadge: Level 08 BGG posterMicrobadge: Level 08 RPGG posterMicrobadge: Level 08 VGG poster - Level 08 BGG/RPGG/VGG Poster (2500-2999 posts)
    • Microbadge: Level 09 BGG posterMicrobadge: Level 09 RPGG posterMicrobadge: Level 09 VGG poster - Level 09 BGG/RPGG/VGG Poster (3000-3499 posts)
    • Microbadge: Level 10 BGG posterMicrobadge: Level 10 RPGG posterMicrobadge: Level 10 VGG poster - Level 10 BGG/RPGG/VGG Poster (3500-3999 posts)
    • Microbadge: Level 11 BGG posterMicrobadge: Level 11 RPGG posterMicrobadge: Level 11 VGG poster - Level 11 BGG/RPGG/VGG Poster (4000-4499 posts)
    • Microbadge: Level 12 BGG posterMicrobadge: Level 12 RPGG posterMicrobadge: Level 12 VGG poster - Level 12 BGG/RPGG/VGG Poster (4500-4999 posts)
    • Microbadge: Level 13 BGG posterMicrobadge: Level 13 RPGG posterMicrobadge: Level 13 VGG poster - Level 13 BGG/RPGG/VGG Poster (5000-5499 posts)
    • Microbadge: Level 14 BGG posterMicrobadge: Level 14 RPGG posterMicrobadge: Level 14 VGG poster - Level 14 BGG/RPGG/VGG Poster (5500-5999 posts)
    • Microbadge: Level 15 BGG posterMicrobadge: Level 15 RPGG posterMicrobadge: Level 15 VGG poster - Level 15 BGG/RPGG/VGG Poster (6000-6499 posts)
    • Microbadge: Level 16 BGG posterMicrobadge: Level 16 RPGG posterMicrobadge: Level 16 VGG poster - Level 16 BGG/RPGG/VGG Poster (6500-6999 posts)
    • Microbadge: Level 17 BGG posterMicrobadge: Level 17 RPGG posterMicrobadge: Level 17 VGG poster - Level 17 BGG/RPGG/VGG Poster (7000-7999 posts)
    • Microbadge: Level 18 BGG posterMicrobadge: Level 18 RPGG posterMicrobadge: Level 18 VGG poster - Level 18 BGG/RPGG/VGG Poster (8000-8999 posts)
    • Microbadge: Level 19 BGG posterMicrobadge: Level 19 RPGG posterMicrobadge: Level 19 VGG poster - Level 19 BGG/RPGG/VGG Poster (9000-9999 posts)
    • Microbadge: Level 20 BGG posterMicrobadge: Level 20 RPGG posterMicrobadge: Level 20 VGG poster - Level 20 BGG/RPGG/VGG Poster (10000+ posts)

Some additional special microbadges:

  • Microbadge: Golden Meeple Golden Meeple - Awarded as a microbadge for earning 10,000 combined thumbs (effective as of February 2009 - prior to this it was awarded manually and exclusively to one dozen users for unknown reasons)
  • Microbadge: Geek of the Week Geek Of The Week - Awarded to a user spotlighted as "Geek of the Week" (GotW) by the previous GotW.
  • Microbadge: RPG Geek of the Week!Microbadge: RPG Geek of the Week!Microbadge: RPG Geek of the Week! RPG Geek Of The Week - Awarded to a user who has been spotlighted at for one week. The recipient may choose any one of the three microbadges shown.
  • Microbadge: Video Game Geek of the Week Video Game Geek Of The Week - Awarded to a user who has been spotlighted at for one week.
  • Microbadge: Wolf of the Week Werewolf Of The Week - Awarded to a user who has been spotlighted in the Werewolf Forum for one week.
  • Microbadge: Love Spreader of the Week Love Spreader Of The Week - Awarded weekly to a user spotlighted as "Love Spreader of the Week" based on their "outstanding acts of love, gentleness, respect, and otherwise positive traits."
  • Microbadge: BGG Admin Geek Admin - To signify the Geek Administrators.
  • Microbadge: RPGG Admin RPGGeek Admin - To signify RPGGeek Administrators.
  • Microbadge: Chit Chatter of the Day Chit Chatter of the Day - Awarded to a user who has been spotlighted in the Chit Chat Forum for a day.
  • Microbadge: Citizenship Recognition - Level I - One small step for geek... One giant leap for geek-kind!Microbadge: Citizenship Recognition - Level II - If I have seen further, it's only by standing on the apex of other's dice.Microbadge: Citizenship Recognition - Level III - Are we geeks because we gaze at the stars, or do we gaze at them because we are geeks? Microbadge: Citizenship Recognition - Level IV - The journey of a thousand crits begins with a single roll... Microbadge: Citizenship Recognition - Level V - My God! It's Full of Stars! Microbadge: Citizenship Recognition - Level VI -  Is six any more shiny? ... Well, it's one shinier isn't it? ... Okay, why don't you just make five a bit more shiny and then that would be the most shiny? ... Because these go to six. Geek Citizenship Recognition - These special star awards are gifted by fellow geeks, and consist of six levels, as introduced in this thread.
  • Microbadge: This badge goes to 16 This badge goes to 16 - This badge must be purchased for the price of 16 geekgold. It will then be awarded by a microbadge administrator.

Several other secret society microbadges also exist.

Animated microbadges are prohibited except in some very rare instances of award microbadges, with prior admin approval. For a complete list of approved microbadges that are animated, see this list: Microbadges That Move Or Sparkle

Microbadges types

Special contributor microbadges

These microbadges cannot be purchased, but are awarded to represent special effort on behalf of or involvement in the Geek community:

  • Microbadge: Adminion Adminion
  • Microbadge: I'm an RPGG Hero! You can be one too! RPGGeek Hero
  • Microbadge: I joined Project R.E.S.P.E.C.T. to do my part for Video Game Geek! VGG Project R.E.S.P.E.C.T. Contributor
  • Microbadge: Czar for Project R.E.S.P.E.C.T. : Join with me - and help VGG :) VGG Czar for Project R.E.S.P.E.C.T.
  • Microbadge: Golden Geek voter Golden Geek Voter
  • Microbadge: BGG Beta Tester BGG Beta Tester

BGG membership and participation microbadges

These microbadges cannot be purchased, but are awarded as a result of geeks involved in worthwhile team activities outside the Geek websites.

  • Microbadge: FoldIt Team Geekdo member FoldIt Team Geekdo members (at least one science point achieved in the Science Videogame FoldIt)
  • Microbadge: Kiva - Team BoardGameGeek member Team KiVa contributor (at least one loan)
  • Microbadge: Kiva supporter Team KiVa contributor, version 2 (at least one loan)
  • Microbadge: Folding@Home Team Geekdo member F@h (Folding At Home) Team Geekdo members (completion of at least one Work Unit)
  • Microbadge: Copper Folding@Home donator F@h 50K points (Copper)
  • Microbadge: Silver Folding@Home donator F@h 200K points (Silver)
  • Microbadge: Gold Folding@Home donator F@h 1M points (Gold)
  • Microbadge: Platinum Folding@Home donator F@h 10M points (Platinum)
  • Microbadge: Wonderflonium (Do not bounce) Folding@Home donator F@h 100M points (Wonderflonium)
  • Microbadge: Melangium (The Spice must Flow) Folding@Home donator F@h 1B points (Melangium)

Secret Santa microbadges

  • Microbadge: 2006 Secret Santa participant 2006 Secret Santa participant
  • Microbadge: 2007 Secret Santa participant 2007 Secret Santa participant
  • Microbadge: 2008 Secret Santa participant 2008 Secret Santa participant
  • Microbadge: 2008 Wargames Secret Santa participant 2008 Wargames Secret Santa Participant
  • Microbadge: AU/NZ Secret Santa 2008 participant AU/NZ Secret Santa 2008 participant
  • Microbadge: 2009 Wargames Secret Santa participant 2009 Wargames Secret Santa participant
  • Microbadge: 2009 RPG Geek Secret Santa participant 2009 RPG Geek Secret Santa participant
  • Microbadge: 2009 Secret Santa participant 2009 Secret Santa participant
  • Microbadge: 2011 RPG Geek Secret Santa participant 2010 RPG Geek Secret Santa participant
  • Microbadge: 2010 Secret Santa participant 2010 Secret Santa participant
  • Microbadge: 2010 WW Secret Santa participant 2010 WW Secret Santa participant
  • Microbadge: 2011 RPG Geek Secret Santa participant 2011 RPG Geek Secret Santa participant
  • Microbadge: 2011 Secret Santa participant 2011 Secret Santa participant
  • Microbadge: 2011 WW Secret Santa participant 2011 WW Secret Santa participant
  • Microbadge: 2012 RPG Geek Secret Santa participant 2012 RPG Geek Secret Santa participant
  • Microbadge: 2012 Secret Santa participant 2012 Secret Santa participant
  • Microbadge: 2013 RPG Geek Secret Santa participant 2013 RPG Geek Secret Santa participant
  • Microbadge: 2013 Secret Santa participant 2013 Secret Santa participant
  • Microbadge: 2014 Secret Santa participant 2014 Secret Santa participant
  • Microbadge: 2015 Secret Santa participant 2015 Secret Santa participant
  • Microbadge: 2016 Secret Santa participant 2016 Secret Santa participant
  • Microbadge: 2017 Secret Santa participant 2017 Secret Santa participant
  • Microbadge: 2018 Secret Santa participant 2018 Secret Santa participant
  • Microbadge: 2019 Secret Santa participant 2019 Secret Santa participant

April Fools event microbadges

  • Microbadge: I Sent Monkey Auto Races to #1 I Sent Monkey Auto Races to #1 - Awarded to participants in the April Fool's prank on April 1st, 2007
  • Microbadge: I was trololol'ed in 2010 I was trololol'ed in 2010 - Awarded to every victim of the BGG April Fool's joke on April 1st 2010.
  • Microbadge: April Fool's Day Easter Egg Finder 2011 April Fool's Day Easter Egg Finder 2011 - Awarded to users that found an Easter Egg on April 1st, 2011
  • Microbadge: GeekStarter Participant GeekStarter Participant - Awarded to users that participated in the GeekStarter April Fool's joke on April 1st, 2013
  • Microbadge: I was here for BGG's Tenth Anniversary! I was here for BGG's Tenth Anniversary! - Awarded to every user who logged in within 30 days after BGG's tenth anniversary (January 22nd 2010).

Special microbadges

The microbadges in the 'Special' group cannot be purchased, but are usually awarded for participating in contests or other events. Here's a summary of these Special microbadges:

How to make a microbadge image and link in a forum or geeklist comment

Use the format code [microbadge=#] will cause the image of the given microbadge to appear in the post, with a link to its page and hovering description when mousing over the image.

Microbadge randomizer

There is a Microbadge randomizer by Bail Organa available here. (Updates are not currently available.)

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